Custom's seizure, 100% re-send policy

We are all aware of the threat that the customs services are to us and sometimes this threat becomes very real and occasionally a package gets seized (usually on just a random mail search).

This is of course very upsetting and frustrating not only for you as a customer but also for us as a supplier.

Even with our incredible success rates random mail seizures can and do happen but thankfully very rarely, (due mainly to our stealthy packaging) however; our 100% re-send policy gives you peace of mind should your order get snagged.

Our success rates are around 98-99% so most customers receive their products without any problems, however, to give you peace of mind, we have a re-send policy here at Gear-Warehouse so if customs should seize your order, you will receive a seizure letter from them telling you so!

This can take from a few days to a few weeks to arrive and if you are unlucky enough to receive a customs seizure letter, firstly, DONT PANIC and DO NOT reply to the letter in any way…you must ignore it completely!

Keep the letter safe and contact us immediately so we can guide you through the re-send procedure.

Once we have received a picture or scan of your seizure letter and have authenticated it we will re-send 100% of the confiscated items.

PLEASE NOTE:  You must have a NEW (CLEAN*) NAME & ADDRESS for us to re-send your order to you.  

Let us make that point VERY clear……… A NEW CLEAN NAME & ADDRESS.

*By 'clean' we mean one that has never had any delivery issues before!

NOTE: For us to avoid reverse scammers our policy is…